About AgentX101

AgentX101 is a travel booking and management platform for Travel Agents. It aims to empower Travel Agents by providing them quick access to best rates from various hotels, flights, car rentals, cruiseliners & activity suppliers and wholesalers from around the world.

AgentX101 adds the ‘X’ factor to your business allowing you to create travel packages from multiple wholesale providers on one screen with the click of a button, while maximising your profits.

AgentX101 is powered by LiveOS, the first operating system that simplifies the use of technology for the hospitality industry. It centralizes the core functions of multiple applications in a single sign-on platform offering users the much-needed simplicity in daily operations.

AgentX101 aims to deliver memorable journeys through profit in unity!

AgentX101 and LiveOS are owned and developed by eRevMax, the company that founded RateTiger, the pioneers in hotel channel management and online distribution connectivity space.


Innovate and simplify technology to maximise Profit in Unity


Consistent quality, stability and innovation that: TRAVEL AGENTS trust for increasing profits, PARTNERS rely upon, EMPLOYEES are proud of, and INVESTORS believe in

Core Values:

People Commitment - Our team is the foundation of our ability to bring value to each other as well as to clients, partners and investors. So, we continue with utmost respect, regard and support for our team

Pursuing Excellence - Excellence is our journey in attention to detail for the benefit of ourselves leading to the success of all

Global Citizens - Live, work, dream - we are united in bringing together and delivering global values and strengths from our foundations

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